Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vienna State Opera

Rainy, cold and gloomy...   This is how Vienna met us! Kinda sad, but I still enjoyed its beauty. I should say, one week here is not enough.

Back to my outfit, I’m wearing a total monochrome one. You never go wrong with black or white, that's why I brought with me black leather pants (great for rainy weather) and this perfect oversized white sweater, combined with a boho tunic (my favorite for last two years).

Вена встретила нас дождливой, холодной (местами даже ооочень холодной) погодой. Немного грустно, но все таки это не помешало мне насладится ее необычайной красотой! Но одной недели совершенно недостаточно :)

Что касается моего аутфита, то это полностью монохромная гамма. То ли погода, то ли австрийская консервативность повлияла на мой выбор ;)  Предпочла взять с собой универсальные вещи, которые максимально практичные и которые легко комбинировать! Конечно же для дождливой погоды (особенно если это целый день на ногах в незнакомом городе) идеальным выбором являются кожаные штаны, к которым я добавила белый оversized свитер (очень-очень люблю его). Решила разбавить этот и так очень классический образ туникой, которая создает эффект бохо, ну и конечно тонкий шарф, без которого я уже месяца 4 не могу выйти из дома!!!

Zara faux leather pants
vintage sweater (also love this)
Limited Collection skinny scarf (similar here, here + here)
Office ankle boots

Thursday, November 12, 2015


After the whole month of traveling I finally back home! It was the great month, our trip started in Vienna. Unfortunately the weather was not so friendly as I wish. You can count the clothes layers on me ;)

These outfit shots we made near Hofburg Palace, the former imperial palace in the center of Vienna. It was built in the 13th century, so you can imagine how beautiful it is. And of course we visited the apartments of Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. I was so inspired by all personal Sisi's stuff, her jewels, shoes and DRESSES!

Thank you for stopping by loves! See you in my next post! xx

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Yesterday was a super crazy day in whole of the world, and there were lines and lines over the each of H&M store. 

Without any words - Balmain!

Balmain x H&M top

Monday, November 2, 2015


When I travel I always create in my mind a perfect outfit for the exact city I'm going to visit and here is my perfect one for Paris, where I'm currently! It was a big DREAM to came here and I can't even explain how happy I am right now;) xx

See you guys soon,
Happy Monday and don't forget to dream big!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Phuket town Photo Dairy (part 2)

Now I can't believe I spent 2 amazing months there. Phuket town will be always a special place for me. Thai culture, these streets, hot weather, spicy food... I LOVE all of these! Thanks for being such friendly and unforgettable, my dear Phuket ;)

Hope I can show you that atmosphere through these shots! x

p.s. you can find "PART 1" here.