Friday, August 22, 2014


As I promised on my twitter to make a special post about the Zara AW 2014 collection. Here are my favorite products.

I’m all about the colors of BROWN and BEIGE. Since we have only two weeks left until summer is over, I need to start thinking about my wardrobe for the fall season.

What do you guys think about this collection? Do you have your favorite pieces?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

tweed vest

tweed vest Since I moved to the big city, my style has changed a lot. Now I don't need to worry about dressing properly, think about other people's opinions or their old-fashioned looks, etc... I dress like I feel and I'm excited about it!

Feel so much inspiration inside! Have thousands of ideas in my head. I need my sewing-machine so badly (urgent need to send it here). 

What about my outfit, this vest I did a year ago and never wear it ;( I love tweed (of course Chanel influence). Maybe I should add little pockets in the front or without them it even looks more modern?

tweed vest tweed vest tweed vest tweed vest Zara mules, Bhs shirt, DIY shorts, vest and clutch, Michael Kors watch, River Island bracelet 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

vintage denim

vintage denim
This dreamy top has so pretty details in the front and it definitely makes this summer outfit pop. Cut my vintage high waist jeans off to make this shorts. It seems I'm on vacation on these pics! I wish...

vintage denim vintage denim vintage denim
vintage denim
vintage denim
vintage denim
vintage denim

vintage demin shorts, Zara glitter flat Sandals (S/S 2013),  Atmosphere top, zara bag, Zara pearl cuff

more cool shorts:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

shirt dress,, Leandra Medine, (HERE)

“The Edit” Magazine

 1. Proenza Shouler - The Outnet (on SALE)   |   2. Alexander Wang - Far Fetch EU (on SALE)  |   3. Shopbop 

1. Revolve Clothing   |   2. Asos   |   3. Daily Look

1. Pepe Jeans - Asos   |   2. Boohoo   |   3. Asos

1. Asos  |  2. Asos   |   3. Asos (on SALE)  |   4. Asos
1. Lacoste - Asos   |   2. Topshop   |   3. Marc by Marc Jacobs - Revolve Clothing (on SALE)   |   4. Current Elliott

1. G-Star - Asos   |   2. Levi's - Asos   |   3. Asos   |   4.  Anthropologie 

Monday, August 4, 2014

only his shirt

Why do we need to find a perfect shirt dress, if we just can take one from our boyfriends closet?
I know maybe it's too much for normal people, but it's comfy and gives your body all the freedom to move - perfect for the summer! Especially it's a huge trend. 

Do you like shirtdersses?

Если вы хотите, чтобы на улице на вас обратили внимание, то смело можете попробовать последний тренд - платье рубашка! Удивленные и заинтересованные лица у мужской половины и возмущение на лицах женщин ;)  К тому же это очень удобно. Чтобы данный наряд не смотрелся небрежно, обувь обязательно должна быть жентвенной: каблук, платформа... А вам нравятся платья-рубашки?