Monday, April 27, 2015

3.1 Phillip Lim

I was thinking to make such an outfit post for a long time. I really like this 3.1 Phillip Lim tank: the color and the size and its hip-hop vibes (I have it more than a year already) and it's perfect summer piece as well. I wore it with my Adidas backpack to make it more casual and relax. Converse are my favorite shoes right now ;)

I may to say it's a lit bit hard for me to seat and write a post right now, 'cause where are so many things to see and to make here. I fell in LOVE with Phuket town  and I don't wanna leave it. It's amazing place to visit and I enjoy every moment I spend here, people are very friendly and the weather is just awesome. It's a real Paradise!

Monday, April 20, 2015

black cherry

So here I am... in sunny Thailand with summer outfit and "surprise" - FUR ;) ha-ha, I know you probably think I'm crazy, 'cause it's extremely hot here, but I like to experiment with basics and accessorizes.

I'm in love with this dress and its color, it's not too bright and I also like like how it fit me. You know how I like comfy outfit and as usual I have comfy enough shoes on my feet. To make my old Converse look not so boring I tied my shoelaces in a different way. I think a little bow at the back is a good idea ;)  xx

Наконец выкроила время для блога. Пишу вам из солнечного Тайланда. Надеюсь поднять настроение тем, кого погода за окном не сильно радует. Возможно я вдохновлю вас настроится на летний режим.

Если на улице становится жарко, это не значит, что я прячу зимние вещи куда подальше. Даже в Тайланд я взяла так полюбившиеся мне меховые шарфы. Люблю совмещать несовместимое! Тем более, что шелковое платье и мех  - это классика) На ногах кеды, ведь здесь нужно много гулять, так как просто невозможно сидеть на месте. Чтобы кеды не смотерлись обыденно,  я решила завязать шнурки непривычным методом и оставила милые бантики над пяточками.

Всем солнечного настроения!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Vacation READY!

And it's vacation time finally!!!

It's a late post actually, 'cause I'm already on my vacation far far away from home :) I've run from snowing Kiev and get off to Thailand.

So these are some fun items I’m packing with me for fun beach vibes in Thai!

Friday, April 3, 2015

army green coat

army green
Here I put together my new army green coat - perfect addition to my coats collection. It's a versatile piece that can be mixed & matched in different styles. Military color are also very hot right now in thousand shades and I’m looking to get more pieces in this color for the next season. What do you think?

army green

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

50 shades of grey

50 shades of grey I'm obsessing over the grey shades. I think it's perfect for all seasons of a year. I'm a big fan of neutral colors for my wardrobe and GREY is my new love!

As for this coat, have it for many many years and wear really often (wore it here) -  one of my favorite.